Halo 4 Movie, I mean Game
Wednesday, 24 October 2012
 – Administrator

So I checked out the trailers for the upcoming interation of the highly popular game, Halo. This 4th installment is going to do very well. Get this, I'm not a big gamer, at all. But I love the blending of video games and storytelling that's happening now. In this version, we get a glmpse of our hero, Master Chief as a boy in a flashback scene. This is a brilliant move because they are getting us invested the Master Chief's origins. And if you get us invested, we are liable to spend more of our time (and money) on all things Halo.

I'm betting the movie finally gets off the ground this time around. Take a look at the trailers and article on Ad Week about this series of trailers and take a look at the trailers while you are there.

Check them out.



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