Adobe goes subscription only with its new Creative Cloud
Thursday, 09 May 2013
 – Administrator

I have to say, I saw this one coming. Adobe is going subscription only. Great news is that you have access to all of their software for one monthly fee. Bad news is that if you don't normally upgrade every year, you are getting gouged. I'm still using CS4 and find it fine to use every day. Plus, I can use this indefinitely because I own it. Even after years of paying a subscription, I will never own the software from Adobe's subscription version of the Creative Suite, now called Creative Cloud.

Good luck opening files if you are stop paying. The software dials home at least once a month to verify you are an active subscriber. With a magazine subscription, I get to keep the magazine forever. I don't have to give it back or stop reading it. The same is true for all "... of the month" clubs; books, wine, puzzles, shirts, ties, etc. Some will liken this to a cable or phone service. You are paying for access. Problem is that cable has never been a one time purchase thing and you own it. Same for phone service. You buy software to use for as long as you want. Kind of like your car. So how long before I am renting my transportation. Yes, I can get a new car every year, but if I stop paying after 4 or 5 years, I still don't have anything to show for it. Not even a 5 year old car.

I understand why they are doing it. Piracy. One of the hazards of success in the software industry is that if you have a successful product, the pirates will find a way to get the software out to the masses for free. This is Adobe's way of combating that reality. But will they alienate their core users?

I have no doubt that big shops will just pay the extortion, I mean subscription and continue on with business as usual. But for smaller shops, adding yet another monthly bill can be a scary proposition. You might say, it's only $50 or only $70/month. But every dime counts when you are a small shop. At the higher rate, I would have paid the equivalent of buying a copy of one of the non-subscription suites after two years of paying the subscription. If I bought it, I could continue to use the software for years before really needing to upgrade. Not the case for the subscription version. At the end of two years, I am out of luck. I can't use the software at all.

I may be upgrading to the latest standalone version and that will be it for me for the next few years. I'm not completely convinced of this subscription model for anyone but Adobe and large shops.

Read more about the new subscription model here.



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